FEBRUARY 9-15, 2015 :: 8:30pm, 10:00pm, & 11:30pm

Palace of Mystery Theatre

The Magic Castle

7001 Franklin Avenue, Hollywood, CA 90028

Phone: (323) 851-3313

Tickets only available by invite. Click HERE to email us!

Gentlemen must wear a coat and tie, dress pants and dress shoes.
Women may to choose to wear a dress or blouse and skirt. A pant suit is acceptable as long as it is accompanied with a blazer.
Military dress (no fatigues), ethnic, and/or religious attire is welcome.

Unacceptable Attire for Evening Visits
No denim, zippered jackets, polo shirts, T-shirts, shorts, sandals, flip flops, sneakers, leggings (unless worn with a skirt or dress), capri or cut-off pants, or skorts.


Magic Castle Poster